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How To Keep The Kids Active While They’re Off School

In these unprecedented times, our children are all now off school for the foreseeable future. So how do we keep them active while they’re confined to the home and not doing their usual PE lessons and after school activities?

We thought we’d pull together a range of ideas from online resources to help you to keep your kids active over the coming months.

1. The Best Indoor Games for Kids

This list was created by parenting blogger named Micah, in a bid to avoid turning on the TV over the Winter months.   There’s absolutely loads of games, so she’s split them into categories:

  • Balloon Games
  • Educational Games
  • Paper & Pen Activities
  • Fun Moving Games
  • Imaginative Play
  • The Hunt Is On Games
  • Gross Motor Play
  • Fine Motor Games
  • Classic Games & Activities

Take a look at the article and the huge list of games under each header.

2. How To Keep Your Kids Active During Cold Weather

Again, this list was compiled for keeping kids active in cold weather. This article concentrates more on the exercise aspect of being at home. There’s bodyweight exercises, isometric exercises, stretching and more.

Take a look at the article here:

3. Balloon Olympics: 7 Sports Kids Can Play with Balloons

Something a bit different. Balloon Olympics! All kids love balloons and this article includes a range of balloon based activities, from hockey to volleyball to relay races, and is illustrated with photos of each.

Take a look at the article here:

4. Inside Activities For High Energy Kids – 50 Ways To Burn Off Energy

Again, compiled through the need to keep the kids indoors over the Winter months and not resort to the TV every day, this list includes loads of great ideas and links to any resources you may need. There’s everything from active board games and activity challenges to scavenger hunts and fort building.

Take a look at the article here:

5. Indoor Obstacle Course

This is a great idea for an exciting activity for young children. An obstacle course made entirely of things you have around the house.  The article gives some great ideas of items to use and how to set it up, with photos of the writer’s daughter enjoying her obstacle course throughout.

Take a look at the article here:



We hope you’ve found this resource useful and are all staying safe and well at this difficult time.