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Home Teaching Ideas For Pre-School & Primary School Aged Children

Following on from last week’s article on how to keep the kids active while they’re off school. we thought we’d look into how you can continue your child’s education whilst at home.  Many schools have set up digital learning environments, but these are mostly for senior schools.  For those of you who don’t have access to schooling over this time, or who would like some extra help with educational things to do at home, here are some great resources.

1. Teaching Times Tables: 15 Fun Ways to Teach Kids Multiplication

multiplication homework

This article is split into 2 sections: 8 multiplication games for kids and 7 fun activities to help you teach kids multiplication. There are some great games and ideas here. They are all linked to other websites for the full game/activity details.

Take a look at the article here:


2. Preschool at Home – Free Printable Checklist

Although this is aimed at pre-school ages, we thought it was worth including as a useful resource and if any of you have school aged children and a younger sibling it’s something they can do together and both learn and have fun with.

It doesn’t give ideas or activities, but your children can have fun working with you on ideas for the list.

Take a look at the article here:


3. Escape Room for Kids

This 40 minute home escape room activity for kids is brilliant. Not only teaching them problem solving and various other skills, but also keeping them entertained for a good amount of time.

The author talks through the escape room she did with her children, giving some great ideas for what to include. There are also links to other escape room ideas, so there’s plenty to go on.

Take a look at the article here:


4. 20+ Preschool Counting Activities For School And Home

This article provides exactly what it says in the title; a list of counting activities that can be done at home.  There’s everything from counting buttons to playing a parking lot game, with images to show how they’re done.

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5. 5 Fun Simple DIY Math Games for Kids at home

Again this article targets pre-school and kindergarten aged children. The games all involves colours and cups and range from simple colour matching and counting, to counting in tens. There’s video and images for each activity.

Take a look at the article here:


6. Lego Fractions

This article uses Lego or Duplo to help children with fractions and it’s genius. Again, there are images and videos to show how it works. It’s a pretty simple concept, but one that gives children a visual dimension to fractions.

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7. Level 2 Twinkl Phonics

This website offers lots of free downloads and resources if you sign up for a free account.  This particular section covers a six week guide for level 2 phonics and prepares children for the year 1 phonics screening check. There’s also links to additional resources and interactive games.

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8. Printable Telling Time Learning Folder

This article offers a learning folder for telling the time.  You can print out the downloadable sheets and put them into a binder to make a full time telling learning resource for your child.  There is a small charge for this download, but it seems worth it to us!

The binder is organized into four sections:

  • Getting to Know the Clock
  • Hours and Minutes
  • Half Past and Quarter To
  • Review and Practice

Within each section there are:

  • Explain it cards: these explain the concepts she will be learning within that section.
  • Practice and Demonstration: These are interactive pages that allow her to practice the concept over and over until she understands it.
  • Clock practice: these are exercise suggestions to be used on the “my clock” at the beginning of the binder for further practice and comprehension
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