Easter Art & Craft Activities For The Kids

Continuing our theme of keeping the kids entertained whilst in the house, we thought we’d put together a resource of ideas for Easter arts and crafts, ready for this weekend. There’s everything from cute Easter bunnies to blossoming trees to Easter cards and eggs for the Easter egg hunt.

Take a look at these great ideas from these various bloggers and websites…

1. 9 Cute Easter Crafts For Kids

Easter crafts for kidsThis is a straightforward slideshow of 9 different ideas for Easter activities. There’s a chocolate cake with bunnies, carrot garlands, balloon wreaths and more. The slideshow shows you an image of each activity or group of activities that you can then click through to the full instructions/details.

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2. 20+ Fun Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter crafts for kidsAgain, another slideshow gallery of ideas that link through to the tutorials. This one has a bit more narrative and is a bit easier to view. There’s Easter signs, lots of different types and styles of eggs, an Easter tree, hand printing and more.

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3. Bundled Q-tip Trees For Every Season

Easter crafts for kidsThis is a lovely idea and so simple! The idea came from the writer’s daughter, who used the same method for painting trees for all seasons, using cotton buds! The spring one, with a tree in blossom, is particularly lovely. There’s examples of all seasons and an instruction video to show you how it’s done.

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4. 3D Paper Plate Easter Basket Craft For Kids

Easter crafts for kidsThis idea uses simple items you’re likely to have around the house and makes a really cute little basket decoration for young children for Easter.  All you need is paper plates, card and paint.  The article shows you exactly what to do in photos to make your Easter basket decoration.

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5. Handprint Chick: Easy Spring and Easter Craft For Kids

Easter crafts for kidsWhat kids doesn’t like getting messy? Well, this hand and foot print chick will let them get a bit messy while creating a lovely piece of Easter art. This site give you a full, step by step guide as well as a list of the supplies you’ll need to make the chick. There’s even photos each step of the way (including mess).

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6. 10 Easter Crafts For Kids To Make

Easter crafts for kidsFrom print and colour Easter baskets and Easter Bunny gift boxes to printable garlands and decoupage eggs, this blog article offers 10 different Easter crafts for kids, with images for each one and a link through to the full details of each.

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7. Easter Cards For Kids

Easter crafts for kidsThis detailed article provides lists of everything you’ll need and even links to templates for a range of Easter cards for kids. It then uses images and descriptions to go through each type of card, from lamb cards to bunny cards to chick cards.

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8. Easter Chick Yarn Art Project

Easter crafts for kidsHow cute is this little chick made with card and wool? This article shows you how to make these adorable little fellas, listing everything you’ll need to make one and giving step by step instructions and images each step of the way.

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9. Circle Art Easter Egg Activity

Easter crafts for kidsHere’s a nice easy, but effective way to create an interesting Easter egg picture out of circles.  It allows children to experiment with different sizes of circles and in different forms to create a beautiful piece of art. The article has step by step instructions and images as well as list of everything you’ll need to make your circle Easter egg art.

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10. Process Art Scrape Painting With Bunny Silhouettes

Easter crafts for kidsThe writer here has taken the “scrape paint” process and turned it into a fun way to make a piece of art for Easter. They even provide a template for you to download and use (if you want to subscribe to their site). The article gives a list of supplies needed and images and descriptions of how to create your bunny scrape art.

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