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At Home Science Experiments For Primary School Aged Children

It’s “Back to school time”, so we thought that this week we’d look at some cool science stuff for primary school aged children.  Below are a variety of experiments that they should be able to do at home.

1. Fun Science for 7-9 Year Olds

Science experimentsThis article has a great collection of science experiments; from colour changing flowers and crystal snowflakes to making catapult systems and articulated hands.  All the experiments contain a list of what you will need as well as instructions and accompanying images to show you what to do.

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2. Easy & Fun Solid, Liquid, Gas Science Experiment

Science experimentsThis article is exactly as it says; fun and easy. The experiment is used to teach younger children the difference between a solid, liquid and gas.  There is a list of ingredients needed and step by step directions, images and videos, plus a free printable to go with it.

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3. Sorting and Exploring Materials – Magnets

Science experimentsYou can do sorting with any topic items and it’s a great way for children to learn interactively.  With this experiment the writer creates a magnet sorting tray. Again, there are full instructions and images to show how to do the experiment, as well as links to other sorting experiments.

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4. Roald Dahl Science Experiments for Kids

Science experimentsThis is a great themed set of experiments, all based around Roald Dahl characters – an even better way to get your children engaged in the activities.  There’s activities from Charlie and The Chocolate Factory such as making giant sweets, shrinking crisp packets and even making your own glass elevators. There’s “make wormy spaghetti” from the Twits, “dream jars” from The BFG and “making potions” from George’s Marvellous Medicine, plus loads more.

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5. Don’t Melt The Ice! Science Experiment for Kids

Science experimentsThis is another fun and engaging experiment for kids and one that’s easy to do with things you have around the house.  The whole theme being, don’t melt the ice! Obviously, the aim of it is to keep the ice from melting, thus teaching them about insulators and a host of other things, including learning about states of matter, learning about the transfer of heat and learning about heat conduction. The experiment also comes with a printable results recording sheet.

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6. Rainbow In A Jar Experiment

Science experimentsThis experiment is so pretty, as well as educational! To make the rainbow in a jar, the child needs to layer sugar and water to make the rainbow. The article gives a list of ingredients/materials you’ll need (all things you’re likely to have available) and then gives step by step instructions, with images on how to create your rainbow in a jar.

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