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Free Downloadable Worksheets For Preschool & Primary School

This week we thought we’d have a look for some good downloadable resources that you can use at home for children between preschool age and primary school age. And what’s best of all is that they are all free to download and use!

1. Free Alphabet Preschool Printable Worksheets

free school downloadablesThis is a free alphabet preschool printable workbook for your preschoolers.  


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2. Shapes Worksheets For Preschool

free school downloadablesThese worksheets were developed by a mother for her son to help him work on his drawing skills and to aid his fine motor skills. The sheets are aimed at helping children to produce shapes, not to recognise them.

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3. Frozen Worksheets For Kids

free school downloadablesThese Disney Frozen worksheets are suitable for ages 2 to 8. There are a variety of learning activities aimed at preschool and primary aged children. in this 50+ page pack. Activities include:

  • Pre-Writing Pages
  • Cutting Practice
  • Upper and Lowercase E’s
  • Colors (with what color is my snowflake book)
  • Graphing
  • Which One is Different?
  • Complete the Pattern
  • Cut & Paste Worksheets
  • Size Sequencing
  • Simple Puzzles
  • Counting to 15
  • and more

There’s lots more information about what’s included on this page, so you have to scroll right to the bottom of the page to download the pack.

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4. Alphabet Letter Hunt Worksheets

free school downloadablesThere are many ways to learn the alphabet in preschool and kindergarten, and using dot markers can make it even more fun.

This set of alphabet worksheets includes 26 pages, one for each letter of the alphabet. This is great to use if you are doing “letter of the week”, or learning one letter at a time. It works on letter recognition, both uppercase and lowercase letters, as well as letter discrimination.

N.B. Click on the text links to download each worksheet and NOT the download buttons, which are just Google ads for other things.

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5. I Spy Alphabet Worksheets

free school downloadablesIf your preschoolers are working to learn the alphabet, you don’t want to miss these alphabet printables. Kids will build visual discrimination skills as they search for the correct letter amongst letters with similar characteristics. These free preschool printables combing coloring, handwriting, and letter recognition practice into one fun activity.

Again, scroll down to the end of the page, past all the ads, to the image that says “Download your printable here!”

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6. Forces and Movement Teaching Resources

free school downloadablesThis page has loads of free downloadble resources and worksheets, from magnetic and non-magnetic, gravity,  word mats, word cards and more. Simply click on the image of the item you want to download and it will preview and download for you.

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7. Free Printable Crack the Code Maths

free school downloadablesIf your child likes puzzles and jokes then these are perfect. The best part about these crack the code sheets is that they are just print and go! No prep involved! There are 2 pages in the download. One page is addition problems and the second is subtraction problems.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the big green button to download the printables.

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8. Free Maths & English Worksheets

free school downloadablesThis page has a host of different Maths and English downloadables. They are all sorted in year group, from years 1 to 6 and are ideal for homework or classroom practice.

Simply click on the subject title under the year group you wish to download and you’ll be taken to a page of available downloads for that subject and year group. There are at least 10 downloads for each year group and subject, so have a look through and see what you can find.

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