Mother’s & Father’s Day Projects

Looking for inspiration for a Mother's or Father's Day project for your pupils? Look no further than our mugs and fridge magnets!

You can provide all your pupils with either a mug or fridge magnet PLUS a free card to give to their mother or father.

The project is really simple!

First, choose whether you would like to offer magnets (£2 to parents) or mugs (£6 to parents). We recommend this either/or approach so as not to complicate the order, but if you would like to offer a choice to parents we can accommodate this.

The pupils provide a photo of themselves or create a design, which you then send to us and we turn into a fridge magnet or mug, as well as an A6 card to send home.

And what's great is that, for each set purchased, the school receives 50p per magnet or £1 per mug towards their fundraising!

If you'd like to benefit from this fun and easy project, then just call us today on 0114 453 9288 and we'll guide you through the whole process. Alternatively, complete the form below and we'll call you back.

Mother's Day Magnet Pack shot
Father's Day Magnet Pack shot