Ecclesall Print Ltd is registered in England and Wales, company registration number 7486676.
Registered office address Unit 1B, The Southwest Centre, Archer Road, Sheffield, S8 0JR.
For the purposes of this privacy policy, we operate a number of trading brands under our company
name, namely:

  • AdelaRosa Wedding Stationery
  • Ecclesall Print

We only collect data that is directly sent to us, whether via an online enquiry form or when a school
sends us their art projects. We do not scan the Internet or any other source to collect data on
individuals or organisations for any purpose whatsoever. We may look up basic contact details for an
organisation who has expressed an interest in our products and services or who we believe has a
legitimate interest in our products and services.

Organisational data that we collect is limited to: Organisation name, contact name,
organisation/contact email address, organisation/contact correspondence address,
organisation/contact correspondence phone number.

Data we request that is specific to individuals taking part in any of our art projects is limited to:
Name, Class name, School name. We cannot run the projects or create the final products without
these data. These data are supplied to us by the schools taking part in the art projects. It is the
responsibility of each school to gain the permission from children/parents to supply us with the
individual data required to run our art projects.

We use the organisational data to remain in contact with the organisations taking part in our
projects. Organisations have the right to be removed from our database at any time.

We use the individual data to produce personalised printed products such as Christmas cards, gift
labels, leavers books etc and any other products we choose to offer for sale to these individuals via
the school. Without these data we could not produce personalised products which are the whole
purpose of our art projects. All individual data is destroyed after the time when it may be necessary
to retrieve any data in the case of product/order/spelling issues etc and no longer than 3 months
after the end of each project.

We do not share any organisational or individual data with any other individual or organisation. The
data is stored on secure servers and local hard drives for the sole purpose of completing the