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Christmas card project

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School Christmas Card Project!

Christmas Card Project

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What is the Christmas Card Project?

Creative School Fundraiser

The School Christmas Card Project is a fantastic, easy and very popular way for schools to raise money for the school PTA or other charities. 

Children create their own artwork which is printed on professionally produced cards and other products, which the school sells at a profit to the parents. It is a rewarding and fun project for the children and the whole school to be involved in – and an average school of 250 pupils can easily raise £500 or more!

The children will love getting directly involved with school fundraising and parents will love seeing their children’s artwork on professionally printed cards!

We offer packs of Christmas cards, gift labels, thank you postcards, A3 wall calendars, jumbo cards, magnets and mugs, hand poured scented candles, so there’s plenty to choose from! 

How does it work?

Fill out our simple contact form!

Order your info pack to receive product samples, handy templates and artwork guidelines along with all the information you need. Then, when you’re happy, remember to register! 

Children create their artwork!

The kids get creative! Send all your original artwork in our pre-paid packaging and we’ll convert these into handy parent order forms.  Parents will choose from a range of products customised with their child’s artwork.

Parents order ONLINE!

Our new online parent ordering system makes this project SO EASY for the school organiser. All you need to do now is wait for your gorgeous products to arrive. 

How much does it cost?

The School Christmas Card Project is an easy and fantastic way to raise funds for the school/PTA/charity with no cost to the school!

Discounts are available for early submission of artwork so you can raise EVEN MORE! Full details are in the pack we send out to you.

In an average school of 250 pupils you can easily raise over £500 – or even more!! 

Standard commission is 20% of the school order*. But get your Artwork in EARLY to benefit from our HUGE commission boosts! See our FAQ’s for more info on early bird dates.

*commission is calculated as a percentage of product sales, excluding VAT

School Christmas Card Project prices

Get info pack or register

Our comprehensive info pack contains everything you need to get started.  Forms, samples, info – all ready to use! All we need is your school details…

After you receive our info pack and you like what you see, all you will need to do is to register online so we can send you a full set of artwork templates and know to expect your artwork and reserve a printing slot for your school. 

There are no costs for the school! When we send your order we will also give you a certificate showing how much money you raised and we will send your commission once the project is finished.

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Our Products Range - There are LOTS!

Why Choose Us?

Why do schools join our project year after year?

Excellent quality products – we have a wide range of products to choose from

Great prices – our products are priced to make them accessible for parents

You can always speak to us throughout the process if you have any queries or problems.

Customer service second to none! (we are human beings and very friendly!)

We help you maximise the fundraising for your school

Our Trust Pilot reviews don’t lie so if in doubt, just check out our feedback here

You will receive samples of our products in your Artwork Pack so you can see we’re not just talk – our stuff is really great! 

We put you first! We’ve listened and made our process easier by introducing ONLINE ORDERING!


Why choose us?

Our products are printed on high quality materials, our pricing is competitive – and we are human beings! You can always speak to us at any point throughout the process if you have any queries or problems.

How do we get started?

The first thing to do is register with us as soon as possible so we have your details and we can work with you on this project. By registering we can be in contact with you, answer any questions you may have, and we'll know to expect your artwork. This helps us to plan ahead and ensure your order is processed as quickly as possible.

How much will it cost?

Nothing! The project is completely free to the school. Parents place their orders and pay online. After the project finishes, we will send all the profit directly to the school.

When do we pay?

As a school, you don't! The parents pay directly through our website for each product. You then receive a percentage of the sales when the project is finished. The commission is calculated on the NET sales figure.

Our packs of 12x Christmas Cards are £5.50

Other items are: Gift Labels £3.00, Thank You Postcards £4.00, Mugs  £7,  Placemats £5, Magnets £2.50, Scented Candle £8, Value Pack £11

These costs to parents include your commission paid to school after the project ends. 

Any parents requiring additional products after the school deadline are still able to order through the website but orders will be sent directly to their home address and will not be commissionable. Please note we can only process orders for reprints, not new artwork at this stage.

You can either photocopy a template at your school (ensuring it is on A4 paper) or simply get in touch and we can send more templates out. We provide a few spare anyway in case a couple go wrong!

* Christmas Cards – A pack of 12x A6 high quality folded Christmas cards with 12 white envelopes.
* Gift Labels – A pack of 16x adhesive gift label stickers printed with the children’s artwork and space to write a gift message.
* Thank You Postcards – A pack of 12x A6 thank you postcards printed on high quality card with 12 white envelopes.
* Mugs – An 11oz white mug printed with the children’s artwork.
* Magnets – A 7x10cm fridge magnet printed with the children’s artwork and name
* Scented candle – A premium soy wax candle hand poured in the UK, with a huge 40-hour burning time. Printed with the child’s artwork and name

Register now! Click here and register your school or organisation. Registering is important so we know to expect your artwork and so that we can offer support along the way. We have limited print slots so act sooner rather than later!

Plan ahead! The earlier you start you project, the smoother it will run and the sooner you will get your final delivery. You can increase sales to parents by getting the information to them before they buy their Christmas cards elsewhere!

Another great way of maximising participation and therefore sales of Christmas cards is to make this a classroom project rather than a homework or individual assignment. Get the teachers excited and get them to plan a fun festive lesson as part of their lesson plans.

Involve the parents! Use our advertising posters around the school, announce it in the newsletter or on the website to get them interested early on rather than just when the order forms go out.

The School Christmas Card Project is a fantastic, easy and very popular way for schools to raise money for the PTA or other charity. Having the children’s own artwork printed on professionally produced cards and other products, from which the school generates a profit, is a rewarding and fun project for the children and the whole school to be involved in – and an average school of 250 pupils can easily raise £500 or more!
The children will love getting directly involved with school fundraising and parents will love seeing their children’s artwork on professionally printed cards!


If you can get your artwork to us early you will earn an earlybird boost on your commission which increases your funds raised significantly!
Deadlines for submitting artwork are:

By September 20th: 30% commission on sales
By September 27th: 25% commission on sales
By October 11th: 20% commission on sales
By November 1st: 10% commission on sales

(Commission is calculated as a percentage of product sales, excluding VAT)

No! But in order to maximise sales and therefore funds raised for the school you may wish to roll the project out to the entire school or entire year groups and encourage participation for all pupils.

Artwork can be submitted on our pre-printed templates or your own card. If using your own card please ensure it is A4 size and is stuck onto one of our template sheets. This ensures that the entire design can be processed correctly by our software and is scanned and printed correctly on the final items. We wouldn’t want any fine details missed off! The templates we provide are A4 sheets of quality 120gsm silk paper which is suitable for use with most art materials e.g. pens, crayon, ink, paints, glue etc. 

You can use felt tip pens, crayons, paints, collages, you can stick elements onto the paper but please ensure nothing can come loose in transit (eg elements stuck to the paper), or any contamination of one piece of artwork on another when stacking (eg colours rubbing off). If necessary, put in plastic wallets.

Suggested idea: Hand prints make great reindeer, Santas or Christmas trees! The best results are the most colourful – feel free to stick coloured card on top of the artwork template, but please ensure it goes all the way to the edge!.

Easy – just get in touch! Organising a School Christmas Card Project is very easy – we have ensured the process is as simple as possible – And if at any time you have any questions or need any help, you can just call us or email us and we’ll be delighted to help you out. All the contact details are at the top of this website.

Artwork submitted after November 1st will still be accepted but will not qualify for commission in order to be delivered on time. If you’re struggling to finish in time, please get in touch with us so we can help out.

We will aim to deliver your final items in the first week of December (depending on when we receive your artwork). If you would like it sooner than this, please start early! The earlier you can submit your artwork to us, the sooner you will receive your final items!

Once the artwork is all complete and collected together, then use our handy Royal Mail return service that you book in at your convenience. 

Yes! We can run a similar project for any occasion – just get in touch to organise this. We can also print anything your school needs – from office stationery to exterior signage to children’s art projects on a variety of materials – just give us a call and speak to us about what you need!