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Ordering School Leavers Hoodies! How does it work?

Fill out our simple contact form!

Fill out the simple contact form below so we can came back to you with all the info you need

Choose your design for front & back

Pick your choice of rear print from our 7 different options. Then choose any additions like chest logo, initials, arm print etc. With the list of names we’ll get a proof together for you!

Hand out your hoodies!

Our turnaround time is great so you’ll soon be handing out the leavers hoodies to your excited leavers! 

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Personalised School Leavers Hoodies

Our personalised school leavers hoodies are the perfect memento for those children graduating from nursery, junior school, senior school or even University.  We have a wide choice of colours and designs and our prices start at just £19!

We pride ourselves on our customer service. We will work with you to produce fantastic hoodies your leavers will cherish.  Just call us today on 0114 453 9288 and we’ll guide you through the whole process. Alternatively, complete the form below and we’ll call you back.

Please note, we only offer our leavers hoodie range when ordered by the school or the PTFA. We are unable to offer the option to buy single hoodies. 

Choose your colour

Choose your rear print design​

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What about a two-tone hoodie?

Get your proof & have your hoodies delivered

When you’ve chosen your rear design from the options above, along with the additional options for the front, just send us that info along with a list of the children’s names. From that we can create a proof of exactly what the final hoodies would look like. You can share this with parents and teachers alike to get more buy in! Then when you approve the proof and confirm the sizes/colours, we’re good to go! Delivery is free so all you need to do from there is wait a short while for the hoodies to arrive, ready to hand out to your happy school leavers! 

Secondary School Leavers Hoodies

What do our schools say?

Have you thought about School Leavers Books?

We also offer our treasured keepsakes of School Leavers Books to celebrate their time at your school. Fill these high quality books with images, include memories of trips, favourite projects and class photos through the years. These books are to be kept for years to come and a great way to fundraise!

What about Leavers Mugs?

Looking for a low input, low cost gift for your leavers this year? Our leavers mugs are an easy solution for you! Choose one of the designs, send us the names of the leavers (if your design needs them) and let us know how many you’d like. Simple! Mugs are priced at only £6 so they’re really affordable for schools and parents.   

School leavers mugs